Published on April 27, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

For some designers and homeowners, living rooms and luxury go hand in hand. Designer Christine Da Costa, in conjunction with PHD Furniture, speaks to a new, old decorating trend: ornate classics for a luxurious living space.

First and foremost, you’re probably wondering: how does the term “ornate” relate to home decor? Ornate home decor items have a few distinctive hallmarks, one being that they tend to have a formal, traditional feel to them. Oftentimes, ornate pieces tend to be period-inspired, and are decorated with complicated patterns or shapes. Keep reading for a few more hallmarks of the ornate classics trend.

Hand Carving
Whether it’s a small detail or a large one, many ornate furniture pieces have some sort of carved element to them. Authentic ornate furniture, which has been salvaged or restored, may even feature hand carving detailing. When it comes to ornate furniture set, carving tends to be identical on all pieces in the set.

Mixed Patterns
Ornate furniture tends to be distinctive, sometimes due to unexpected combination of patterns and colors. For instance, lavish gold hand carving combined with a green velvet pattern. The amalgamation of varying fabrics, colors, and patterns is another distinctive hallmark of ornate classic furniture.

Damask Print
Speaking of distinctive pattern use, the damask print is one that’s traditional and trademark of ornate furniture. The damask pattern has Arabic roots, and is traditionally formed by weaving. If you’re a fan of damask print, then there’s a good chance you’re also a fan of ornate classic furniture.

Glamorous Accents
No ornate classic room is complete without a glamorous accent or two. In keeping with the theme, opt for unusual home accents, such as quirky figurines, in brushed metal finishes.


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