Published on November 10, 2019 by videoposts

Krista Hopfauf from Salvedge boutique shares tips for the latest fashion trends this fall.



  • Cathy L Brown 2 weeks ago

    I Love consignments shop. I sew so I can fix to size.

  • Monica Sisson 2 weeks ago

    Great budget conscious tips!

  • Carol W. 1 week ago

    Some good ideas here, thanks.

  • laurel jones 1 week ago

    we should all be doing this

  • Darren Scrubb 1 week ago

    A delightful selection of fall styles I am sure many people will like to check out.

  • AD 3 days ago

    Love the plaid and bomber jackets! I have a few pieces of plaid and about 3 bomber jackets I have collected over the years!

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