Published on October 31, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Home safety is nothing to sniff about! In that spirit, this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show features Tom Reimer of Metalex Home Security. Tom shows Celebrity Designer Glen Peloso how to improve the security of his basement windows, screen doors, and patio doors. Watch the video above to see Glen take a baseball bat to a screen door, or keep reading for the product highlights.


Security Window Guards

Unfortunately, windows tend to be a preferred point of entry for would-be thieves. As such, Metalex Security Products offers security bar systems which are meant specifically for commonly targeted windows; for instance, basement windows. The system can be locked into place with a key, and won’t affect your regular ventilation.

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Security Screen Doors

Some homeowners might be apprehensive to employ bulky security doors in their front entryways for aesthetic reasons, so Metalex Security Products offers a range of products that not only enhances the security of your front door, but also enhances the appearance. Think: heavy gauge steel, custom fitting, and craftsmen design.

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Safe-T-Screen Doors

Double sliding doors are perfect for some layouts, but they’re also double the trouble, as far as security is concerned. To help secure your sliding doors Metalex Security Products offers a product that is (once again) made of heavy gauge steel and can be custom fitted to your sliding doors. This custom security fitting can also serve a dual purpose: to effectively insulate.

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To shop these three products and more, check out the Metalex Home Security website.


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