Published on March 22, 2019 by videoposts
Maintaining your basement and keeping it dry during the wetter months can be a tough task! Today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Lifestyle Correspondent Joanne Blouin chats with Johnathan McMahon from Dryshield Water Solutions about the importance of water-proofing your basement. Keep reading for their Q&A.
Q: How would I know if I needed my basement waterproofed?
A: There a few things to consider, including the age of the foundation, the type of the foundation, and the drainage on the foundation. A lot of homeowners will only recognize a problem after there’s seepage, mold, or visible damage in other words, after the damage has already occurred. Then they will call us and we’ll come in and do the solution, either from the outside or in, which can lead to damage or replacement of the basement. So, it’s important to understand what type of condition your foundation is in currently, so preventative measures can be taken. 
Q: What’s better: external or internal drainage systems?
A: Well, traditionally, water-proofing was done from the outside of the foundation, which includes excavating down to the bottom sides of the footings, sealing the walls, putting in new weeping tiles, and making sure it’s connected to proper drainage. However, it’s important to consider where the water is coming from. If it’s coming up from underneath the foundation, you might require an internal drainage system.  
For the answers to these questions and more, watch the video above!

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