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Wedding cakes have been something of a mainstay at wedding festivities for a long time; but a cake is far from your only option! On today’s episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Linda Peters of Goodies Bake Shop shows Mandy dessert alternatives to wedding cakes.
Cake Alternative # 1: Individual Fruit Flan 
These mini fruit flans are inset into a cookie crust, filled with creamy vanilla custard, and topped with an assortment of fresh fruit. As a final step, these desserts are glazed and topped with gold and rose gold flakes.
Cake Alternative # 2: Cookie Baked Flan
This mini dessert, inset in a cookie crust, is filled with chocolate ganache instead of custard, and is perfect to suit any chocoholics. This decadent dessert is then topped with fresh fruit, whipped ganache and sprinkled with icing sugar gold flakes.  
Cake Alternative # 3: White Cloud
These individual wedding cakes are made up of three layers of angle food cake, two layers of homemade lemon curd, and an Italian meringue encasing the outside. The meringue is then torched and the cake is topped off with raspberry drizzle and gold dusted blackberries.  
About Goodies Bake Shop:
Goodies Bake Shop was started in 1984 as a small, independent bakery and coffee shop in Winnipeg. Since that time, Goodies Bake Shop has grown to cater desserts for clients all over Winnipeg. 
For more information on alternative ideas to a wedding cake, or simply to get in touch to discuss your dessert needs, check out the Goodies Bake Shop website. 
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  • Calvin 4 months ago

    Wonderful ideas, conventional is very often a no go anymore.

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