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In this special segment of The Marc and Mandy Show: Marc & Mandy Finer Details, Lifestyle Correspondant Mariko Zamani talks with Thuyen Nguyen from Iris Art Craft about great ideas to make wedding invites pop. Keep reading for the highlights of their interview. 
Mariko Zamani: Can you tell me a little bit about the laser cut design that you offer?
Thuyen Nguyen: We have many options for laser cut designs and we do customization depending on the personal style of our clients. We have laser cut with two flaps, laser cut with pockets, and laser cut with four flaps. 
MZ: Wonderful! They’re stunning and so intricately detailed. Can you tell me about this “belly band” detailing
TN: Ribbon belly bands are used to close the laser cut pocket. We also offer laser cut belly bands and glitter paper belly bands.  
MZ: Can you talk to me about the raised, 3-D detailing on some of your cards? What is the technique you use?
TN: We call this UV printing and it’s a technique used to make your invitation card stand out. You can choose to UV print important details, such as your name, the date, or the graphic. 
About Iris Art Craft:
Iris Art Craft is an exclusive bespoke wedding invitation boutique based out of Vancouver, BC. They craft and sell custom handmade invitations for all kinds of celebrations to clients in the Greater Vancouver area and across Canada. 
If you’re interested in custom wedding invitations, or custom invitations for any occasion, check out the Iris Art Craft website. 
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