Published on November 6, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

For this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask The Expert, Stephan Byns of Midland Appliances shares an easy solution for a small space laundry room where access to ventilation is an issue. 


Q: What’s your solution for adding a washer and dryer into a small space where ventilation is not possible? 

A: The Heat Pump Dryer is the ideal solution for such space and ventilation problems. Heat Pump Dryer is very clean and environmentally friendly.  


Q: Will Heat Pump Dryer work the same as a vented dryer when it comes to drying your clothes? 

A: Yes, they certainly do. Heat Pump Dryers create heat, so compressing air into a condenser. This operation takes about 20 minutes longer than a traditional dryer, however, it is virtually no shrinkage and no static cling. Heat Pump Dryers also recycle the unused air for a very, very clean operation overall. 


Q: Is a Heat Pump Dryer a better environmental choice? 

A: Yes, Heat Pump Dryers consumes 75 per cent less energy than their vented counterparts. In most European countries, we already see 25 per cent market share of this dryer compared to others. Due to its internal lint collection, there’s virtually no maintenance in apartment buildings, and you can hook up your washer/dryer to one outlet instead of two. 


For all of your home appliance needs, or to learn more about Heat Pump Dryer, visit the Midland Appliances website.  



  • Veronica S. 11 months ago

    What a fantastic idea! Love it!

  • Jay M 11 months ago

    Neat! This may be a good option for my parents in getting their laundry up from their basement.

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