Published on July 6, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Selling your home can be a hassle and a half; fortunately, the right real estate agent can lend ease and efficiency to the home selling process. In that spirit, this episode of the The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask The Expert features real estate expert Devan Owen. Today, Devan shares tips for choosing the best real estate agent.  


Q: What should I look for when choosing a realtor to sell my home? 


  • Choose a local realtor who has a proven track record of sales in your area. Not only will a local realtor price your home more accurately, but statistics show that local agents have better results.  
  • Choose a realtor with a strategic advertising and marketing plan. Ask to see their marketing materials. A successful realtor using a mix of advertising solutions to reach qualified buyers. For example, print, which includes local newspapers and magazines; online, which includes the top websites for homebuyers; and social media, which includes Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.  
  • Check out their listings on their website. Do they use professional photos, videos, and drone shots? Do they have testimonials? 
  • Choose a realtor you connect with and trust; someone who understands you and your goals and makes an effort to get to know the benefits and features of your home and property.  
  • Choose a hardworking realtor who is going to go above and beyond to get you the highest price possible. 


You deserve the best, so don’t sell yourself short! 


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