What’s new, fussy cat?

, What’s new, fussy cat?(NC)—Cats are notoriously picky at meal times. This has landed them a bad reputation for being “difficult” and “fussy”. Although there is no mistaking that cats often exhibit diva-like behaviour at dinner time, cat owners might be surprised to learn their fussy feline’s temperament may not be at fault.

Unlike humans, cats do not respond primarily to food based on its taste. In fact, taste is a cat’s least developed sense, and recent research has determined that a cat’s food preference is based on other aspects of the food’s palatability – the characteristics of a food which make it attractive to an animal – as opposed to taste alone.

“We wanted to find out why cats are notoriously fussy eaters, so we looked at all the factors that influence how cats select their food,” says Jessica Danelon, nutritionist for Royal Canin, a leader in pet nutrition. “We’ve concluded there are three essential factors that have an impact on a cat’s food preference: aroma – the way the food smells; mouth feel – the shape, texture, size and taste of the kibble; and finally the post-digestive sensation – the way the cat feels after eating the food.”

To satisfy even the fussiest cat, Royal Canin has developed Selective, a unique line of cat food which features products tailored to a cat’s individual preference: Aromatic Attraction, Savour Sensation, and Protein Preference. Recognizing that cats will still have to choose between these lines of food, Royal Canin also offers a discovery pack.  The pack contains samples of all three varieties, to help owners determine the unique preferences of their cat before investing in a new brand or type of food.

More information on how to feed your fussy cat can be found online at www.royalcanin.ca.


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