Your Hot Tub And Your Pets

As pet owners, we truly understand how important it is for the family to include our pets into as many aspects of our lives as we can. In our home, our children get to grow up with a wonderful American Boxer. She is protective of the children, she has a sweet disposition and she is always willing to play—day or night.

But just like with everything else in our home, there are some rules that must be adhered to:

1.    Andy, our Boxer, must keep all four on the floor. She is not allowed to jump on anyone especially the kids. This applies to receiving affection, treats, her dinner, etc.

2.    She is never allowed in any of the kids beds. This was tough, as the kids didn’t see eye to eye on this one. Consistency is the key.

3.    No people food. I know that I will probably get some feedback on this one, but it really is nice to own a dog that won’t maul the kids for a bite of their chocolate chip cookie or stare and whine at us while we are eating dinner.

And, most importantly:

4.    NO HOT TUB!

Although I am sure that Andy would love to soak in the warm waters and enjoy the full hydro therapeutic experience, she is not allowed in the hot tub. It’s not healthy for your pet and it damages the spa!

I mean, we COULD reduce the health risk to our pet by adjusting the temperature, and overlook the obvious fur issues and potential damage to the acrylic. Heck, let’s add to it by saying we love our pets so much, that we don’t mind cleaning out dead skin and body oils she most definitely will leave behind.

Even if we are willing to overlook all of those things, here’s another thing you may not have thought of and definitely won’t be overlooking.  When your pet enters the warm water, do they know to “hold it”? My family just can’t get past the horrible things that happen to the spa parts pumps, heaters and sensors, not to mention having to clean dog droppings out of the tub.

When it comes to spa care, the most basic rule to adhere to is to avoid doing anything that will cause costly spa repair in the long run. The best advice is to keep all pets out of the hot tub, no matter how cute or dependent they are. It’s not good for them or your spa.

So when your dog gives you those big ol’ puppy dog eyes while you and your family are enjoying a nice soak, be strong! They may not like it, but you’ll save yourself some big headaches in the long run. Besides, you’ll probably cave in later on and let them sleep with you anyway, so they’ll get over it.

Keep your pets out of the spa, we promise you will be glad you did!

David Cormier is a blogger for a leading spa parts provider.

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