How to Choose the Right Area Rug

You can buy a rug everywhere from the dollar store to Urban Outfitters to a marketplace in the Middle East for several thousands of dollars. They are versatile in style, make, colour, texture and price point, and all of these things are important to consider when choosing the right rug for your room.

Determine what material is most practical for you. If you change your decor nearly as often as you change your outfit, choose synthetic rugs, like polypropylene or nylon, which provide water-resistance material at low prices. Nylon is the higher quality of the two because yarn made of polypropylene fibers can get crushed over time, plus Nylon holds colour well. Cotton rugs are less expensive, ($50.00 and up), but they can stain and wear out quickly. Though, as a definite perk, you can throw a cotton rug in the washing machine.

Do you want colours and/or patterns? If you have a room with a lot going on, opt for a solid rug. A solid black rug can tie a room together and ground it.

Texture. Aim for contrast when you are choosing textures. With seating in a soft fabric like velvet, something smooth and hard like a sisal might be the answer. On the other hand, a sleek leather sofa looks great paired with a longer, fluffier pile.

Keep in mind what your rug will be exposed to. Do you have babies or pets? Maybe a rug with lots of loops or pile isn’t good for you because these rugs tend to conceal small objects and choking hazards.

Be practical. How easy is it to clean the rug and is the cleaning method manageable for the homeowner(s). Are there elderly people in your home? If your rug is shag or piled, will it be a tripping hazard?

Size. A rug should fit the size of your seating area, ideally, fitting all furniture onto the rug. The idea is that when sitting on the sofa, for instance, your feet will rest on the rug. Under a dining table, you want to be able to pull the chairs back and still have them sitting on the rug.

Consider orientation. Square rooms look good with square or round rugs, and rectangular rooms with rectangular rugs oriented in the same direction.

Don’t play it to safe. The rug is a significant piece in a room, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it.

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