5 Fantastic Innovations for Your Kitchen

The Orange Chef Prep Pad

In keeping with your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, this smart food scale informs you of the nutritional breakdown of what you’re preparing and allows you log and track your meals. All you’ll need, besides the product, is an iOS 7 compatible device and an internet connection.

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The Toe Kick Central Vacuum

Also known as a baseboard vacuum, the Toe Kick Central Vacuum is the kitchen innovation that you won’t know that you needed until you have it. Using your home’s central vacuum technology, this device eliminates the need for a dustpan, or the requirement to bend over to use it. Simply sweep debris towards the inlet and flip a switch to activate the vacuum.

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A Disappearing Power Supply

A retractable or pop-up outlet for the kitchen is not only a practical space saver, but is simply the safer option. The outlet has a built-in surge protector, and can be customize to include a US plug, USB, RJ45, DHMI or VGA.

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The Nibble Pan

Anyone who bakes will know it takes precision and practice and sometimes things still don’t come out exactly as planned. This innovation is perfect for amateur bakers who haven’t quite mastered the craft yet. The Nibble Pan allows you to not only bake a cake for guests, but also a tester sized cake simultaneously, so that you can try the finished product before serving it to your guests, without cutting into the full cake.

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A Butter Slicer

Save refrigerator space and eliminate the need for a greasy, slippery butter dish with this simple but convenient innovation. You can even use it to slice cheese if you desire!

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