Choosing the Right Style of Cabinets to Make Your Room Incredible

Cabinets are often a focal point in a room, with the eyes of anyone who enters naturally drawn to them due to cabinets commonly occupying a great deal of space. Cabinets have a huge effect on the feeling of a room so it is important that cabinets are given an appropriately large amount of consideration during the design process. Take the time to ensure you end up with a design that you absolutely love.

There are many different kitchen cabinet styles to choose from, each with their own appeal to different people. At the end of the day, the right style of cabinets largely comes down to you and your personal tastes with the right cabinets being whichever ones you think are beautiful. If you’re unsure of what style of cabinets is right for you, here are three of the most popular styles available with and why they might just be the right option for your next design project.

Traditional Cabinets

Just like the name implies, traditional cabinets have an old fashioned appeal and are the standard look for many older homes. The easiest way to recognize a traditional cabinet set is by the use of more intricate pieces of trim to add detail to the designs. This can range from relatively simple flourishes like a series of beveled edges or tracks to much more detailed work which requires careful hand-crafting to create ornate designs.

Traditional front cabinets usually have doors which mount onto a front frame on the cabinet box. This results in having slightly smaller openings in the cabinets but also a structurally sound design capable of withstanding rougher treatment than some other design styles.

Contemporary Cabinets

If the word traditional makes you think old fashioned then you might be better suited opting for a set of contemporary cabinets instead. Contemporary designs are most easily identified by their reliance on a minimalist approach. There is no need for excessive flourishes or ornate craftsmanship to show off a deft hand. Instead, they rely on simple, clean lines to create an extremely modern visual style. Contemporary style cabinets are often designed to match with other elements in the room like the counters or even appliances. This creates a uniform look with minimal flair.

It is common for contemporary cabinets to lack a front frame on their boxes which carries both pros and cons for your daily life. The good news is that a lack of a face frame means that you get wider openings in your cabinets, making it easier to store and access larger items in the cabinets. Without the added structure of the frame, however, they can provide a less stable box than traditional options. With no frames, the door hinges usually mount to the interior walls of the cabinet instead.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Sometimes the best kitchen cabinet styles lie somewhere between the two extremes, and one style which lies nicely balanced between modern simplicity and traditional adornment is the shaker style. While shaker style cabinets do feature decorative paneling on their faces, rather than complicated designs they make use of a simple wood frame. This adds a little bit of added depth and shadow to your cabinets without having to splurge on more costly craft work.

These are just a few of the cabinet styles you can choose from when designing your cabinets. If none of these options feel right, check out other options like rustic or country style cabinets. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a set of cabinets out there ready to deliver just the right look for you. You’ll be living with your cabinets for years to come, so don’t settle for just alright. Choose a design style you love!

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