Create a Cozy Master Bedroom in 5 Easy Steps

It’s funny how, for so many people, the master bedroom, which should be the top of the priority list, ends up on the bottom. I want to give you five quick tips to help you create a master bedroom you’ll love.

1. I want you to think about your wall colour. Colour has been proven to really change how you feel in a space. Whether it’s a light color or a dark color, it may make you tired or it may make you hungry. Remember to pick a color that makes you feel relaxed in the master bedroom. The color I have on the wall in this room is actually a grey beige. We like to call that greige, a mix of both colors and it is a really nice neutral. It’s a dark, warm colour that allows everything else to really blend on top of it.

2. The second thing in the master bedroom that I want you to put some thought into is the style. You really need to define what you want. Do you want it modern, classic or country? Choose your theme so that you can pick items that work together to create that style. The master bedroom is The one private space in the house which gives you greater flexibility. Some people want to blend with the rest of the house while others will use this space to try something new or more personal.

3. Another thing to really keep in mind when you’re doing your master bedroom is all the fabrics and textures that are in the space. This is a room you want to feel comfortable and luxurious so pick fabrics that have texture, that have nap, that you want to feel. It’s going to make you feel cozy when you’re in here. This is a room you can experiment in. Don’t take that the wrong way. What I mean by that is have some fun with your patterns and your colors, put together stripes and florals on the bed. It looks great and it makes it feel that little bit more special. You could also consider an upholstered headboard. It’s a great way to add more lux to the room.

4. FoMake it your own. Now that may sound obvious since it is your own room but what I mean by that is, make it look like it’s your own room. Add personal pictures, heirlooms or pieces that have meaning to you that someone else may not look at and understand. Even if it’s just a great little pebble that you picked up when you were traveling. Things like that really help customize the space and make it feel like a personal getaway for you.

5. Last but not least, and I really mean this: the most important design element of a bedroom is lighting. You want to have multiple different types of lighting in here to correspond with the type of things that are going on. If you put on makeup, you want to make sure you have a bright lite area for that. On the other hand, if you read in bed, you may want a night light or a lamp that stands tall enough to give you the light you need when you’re in bed, but that can be dimmed it so it’s not too bright if your partner doesn’t read. Avoid bright lights over the bed, it’s not going to be very comfortable. If you can’t do any of that, whatever light you do have, put it on a dimmer. It’ll feel much more relaxed in the room when you finally get to enjoy your great little master bedroom.

It doesn’t take much, just a little bit of thought, to get a great hideaway. Put on your pajamas and cozy up.

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