Games to Play With Your Family at Thanksgiving Dinner

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Whether you’re entertaining friends, family, or a combination of both this Thanksgiving, pre-planning a game or two can go a long way in ensuring your celebration is a memorable one. (The upshot: your guests will come for the food, but they’ll stay for the entertainment!)



Preparation for this game involves a quick survey of your guests and a base knowledge of their (preferably) humorous idiosyncrasies. Find out how to make your own personalized bingo cards here.



Divide your group into teams, or have everyone compete individually to see who can make the most words out of the word “Thanksgiving.” If this game is well received, compete with more Thanksgiving-themed words, for example: turkey, pumpkin pie, thankful, October, Pilgrims and cranberries.

Find a shortlist of words made from the word Thanksgiving here.


Pictionary or Charades

These classic games will ensure fun and laughs for any age, and require very little prep beforehand.

Find a list of words here.


Hide the Gobble

Following a similar setup as an Easter egg hunt, you might think this game is better suited for younger children, but not necessarily! For adults, ensure your hiding spots are tough, and for an added challenge, hide the gobbles around the neighbourhood and comprise a list of riddle-type clues.


Turkey Tag

Get everyone’s blood pumping by organizing a game of turkey tag in the backyard while you make the finishing touches on dinner. Find out how to play, (and how to DIY turkey tail feathers) here.

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