Things to Consider Before Installing a Central Vacuum

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Generally speaking, a central vacuum system, also known as a built-in duct system, is more convenient, more powerful, and much more quiet than you run-of-the-mill upright models. So if you have pets, or simply a lot of messy humans, installing a central vacuum system is something you should at least consider. If you find the thought of a central system intriguing, here are a few more things you should consider prior to installation.


How much will it cost?

Of course, money-wise, installing a central vacuum system may seem to come at a steep cost, (a couple thousand dollars, at least). A portable vacuum cleaner may seem like the economical option by comparison, but it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of a central system, including user-friendliness, and the positive effect it will have on your home’s overall market value. To boot, central systems are much more durable than their portable counterparts, and often come with a good warranty.


What construction will your home need to undergo?

For the most part, it shouldn’t take much, construction-wise, to install a central system in your home, especially since most systems can be retrofitted to your existing duct system.


How will it affect your home’s overall resale value?

Simply given the ease of use and effectiveness of a central vacuum system, having one already installed in your home is an excellent selling-point for potential buyers.


What accessories can, and should, you consider?

With all this said, there are, of course, some limitations when it comes to a central vacuum system, which is why you may need to invest in attachments and accessories, to facilitate whole-house-cleaning. Attachments include, but are not limited to, extension wands, rug and upholstery tools, and dust mops.

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