Published on May 10, 2016 by Marc & Mandy
If you’re life is anything like Mandy’s, mornings probably tend to be the most hectic part of your day which doesn’t leave much time for primping. On this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, hair stylist Chelsea Marinell shows viewers and readers a few quick and easy hairstyles for busy mornings. Keep reading for the video highlights. 
The Look: Knotted Ponytail
This unexpected twist on a traditional ponytail calls for not much more than a hair elastic and the ability to knot. This quick and easy hairstyle can also suit long hair as well as short hair. 
Get The Look: 
  • Pull the hair to one side.
  • Divide the hair into two sections.
  • Knot the two sections together, as many times as you would like or as the hair length will allow.
  • Once you’ve knotted as much as desired, use the hair elastic to secure the end of the knotted section of hair. 
The Look: Updo With A Headband
For this chic updo look, you’ll need a stretchy headband. This hairstyle is best suited to those with medium to long hair. 
Get The Look: 
  • Start by putting on the headband on top of your hair, as if you are wearing a tiara or crown. 
  • Take big or small sections of hair and loop them over and through the headband. Doing this should begin to conceal the headband. 
  • Continue to loop the hair through the headband until all of the hair has been incorporated into the updo. 
  • If you want a messy look, use your fingers to loosen up the loops.
To learn how to do this hairstyle and more, check out the video above. Thanks for watching!

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