Published on April 3, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Tyler Searle and Mandy talk about 3 hair trends that are rocking it this season.

A girl’s hair can make or break her day, which is why it’s so important to have a style that you can work with and that you absolutely love. In the spirt of great hair, Tyler Searle, hairstylist at the Loft Salon, talks to us about the three hair trends that have been dominating the industry over the past few years.


If you haven’t already tried out ombre, you might be on of the few! There are many different versions of ombre hair, and they’re all characterized by a gradient effect of color. The idea is to have a nice, dark root, that slowly transitions into a lighter tip, and the effect should be somewhat gradual from the top to the bottom of the hair.


Balayage hair is hot this season, and while it may be sometimes confused with ombre, there are a few fundamental differences between the styles. The main difference between ombre and balayage hair is essentially how high the lightness occurs in the hair. With balayage hair, the lightness begins higher, closer to the crown of the head.


Evolving from balayage hair, is baby-light hair, which is forecasted as being trendy for next season. You’ve probably heard of baby-lights’ cousins, highlights and lowlights, and the premise is similar but not the same. The hallmark of baby-lights is the size of the highlight itself, which tends to be extremely fine highlights, which start at the root. Baby-lights tend to be well-blended and subtle, without any chunky highlighting.




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