Published on August 9, 2016 by Marc & Mandy

Have you ever had to sit on a suitcase to get it closed or opened your suitcase to discovered a wrinkled mess of clothing? In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, fashion expert, Katie McCarthy shares six packing tips that will help remedy these common packing woes, and (hopefully) take the stress out of packing forever. 

Tip 1: Rolling

Rolling your clothes rather than folding them is a great way to save some space – and save your clothes some wrinkles, while you’re at it! Rolling keeps the hard lines out of the clothes, making it an effective method for traveling with delicate fabrics.

Tip 2: Versatile Staples

Keep in mind: your wardrobe staples at home may differ than your wardrobe staples on vacation. So when you’re packing, avoid throwing in all your go-to items, and really take some time to consider whether what you’re packing is versatile enough for vacation. A good example is your go-to black blazer, which may be versatile for your every-day life, but may not have diverse applications for a vacation. Instead, consider substituting with a white blazer.

Tip 3: Two Great Pairs of Shoes

Shoe variations are a must have for any vacation, but generally speaking, you shouldn’t need more than two pairs: one dressy and one comfortable. The dressy pair could be anything from heels to wedges to dressy flats, and the comfortable pair could be anything from supportive flats to runners to sandals. TIP Use a shower cap rather than a bag to store your shoes and keep them from getting the rest of your suitcase dirty.

Tip 4: Versatile Handbag

One way to increase the versatility of your handbag is via a detachable strap. A detachable strap can transition your clutch or handbag into a cross body bag, which may be more practical for daytime use.

Tip 5: Safe Storage 

For valuable and/or delicate items such as jewelry, you want to ensure safe keeping. Your zippered clutch or handbag is a good place to keep jewelry items so they won’t get lost or tangled. TIP Use a pill box to cleverly store earrings.

Tip 6: Expandable Suitcase

Finally, in order to be the most effective packer, you need an effective suitcase. Select a suitcase which as an expandable option, as well as interior straps and separate compartments for delicate items. 


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