Published on June 19, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

As much as we might see it happening around us, not many can say they’re well-versed in construction. In that spirit, we’ve brought in renovations and building expert, Daryl Berden of Ridgewater Homes. In this episode of the Marc and Mandy Show, Daryl answers your questions about heritage home renovations. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about renovating an older home and reusing old materials.

Q: How do you feel about heritage homes being demolished?

A: Unfortunately, the demolition of heritage structures happens all-too-frequently. Rather than eliminating these structures entirely, we should be preserving what we can for environmental and cost-related reasons. Oftentimes, heritage homes are structurally sound and have good bones, and the process of preserving them and improving upon the aesthetic detailing takes a lesser environmental tole than building from scratch. Preserving heritage homes also allows us to blend old and new, to create something unique, mid-modern, and durable.

Q: Is it worth renovating an old house?

A: As with any major construction project, renovating an older build takes a lot of research, work, and dedication. Oftentimes, you can’t know what you’re getting into, in terms of internal wear and tear, until you’ve started renovating, so you have to anticipate some surprises, which could cost you time and money. Ultimately, renovating an older build tends to be a lot more work than building new, but in the end, you’ll have a new property that’s built to last and that has history.

Q: What’s the most common thing people ask for in a kitchen renovation?

A: To eliminate walls and create an open floor plan, so that you have more space to entertain guests and convene with family. When you open up a floor plan, not only do you create more space but you make better use of your natural light.



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