Published on May 11, 2019 by Marc & Mandy
Have you ever wondered what kind of features goes into a dream home? Though every home and homeowner is different, today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Celebrity Contractor Chris Palmer, of Handcrafted by Chris Palmer, talks about key components for his dream home. Keep reading for the expert-approved Q&A. 
Q: What are some key components that would be included in your dream home?
Chris Palmer: My favorite components to a dream home would be large windows, lots of natural light, and high ceilingsmore so vaulted ceilings. I’m a big, big fan of vaulted ceilings in homes. In the kitchen, I’d look for a nice, large island to have parties around. Cause everybody knows the party always happens in the kitchen!
To find out more about Chris Palmer and the work he does, check out the Handcrafted by Chris Palmer website. 
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