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Ask A Pro: Furnaces and A/Cs
Today on The Marc and Mandy Show: Expert Q&A, Wayne Homer from Southpoint Air answers questions about furnaces and air conditioning systems.
Q: What’s the difference between a heat pump and an air conditioning system?
Wayne Homer: A heat pump uses refrigerant to provide you with heating and air conditioning. A conventional system will cool your home and then it uses a furnace to provide you with heat. 
Q: What are ductless systems and how do they work?
WH: Ductless systems are heat pumps that can be mounted directly into ceilings or walls. They don’t require any ducting and can fit into almost any room. They’re very quiet, highly efficient, and excellent pieces of equipment. 
Q: How often should I get my air conditioning system inspected?
WH: It depends on the type of system you have. If you have a heating and cooling system, we recommend having somebody look at it twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. If you have a furnace only, once in the fall is usually good enough. 
Q: How long do furnaces usually last before they need to be replaced?
WH: That’s a good question. The average life of a new, high-efficiency furnace is about 18 to 20 years. 
Q: What’s the average cost of replacing a furnace?
WH: Roughly $5,000 to $7,000. There are many factors that can impact the installation costs, so it’s best to call us and ask for a free estimate. 
For the answers to these questions and more, check out the video above!
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