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On this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask A Wedding Expert, Trent Sluiter of Fedora Media, gives advice to help choose a photographer for your wedding.
Q: What are some popular styles being used by photographers at weddings right now?
Trent Sluiter: So, when you’re looking at styles of photography to choose from, there’s a lot of different styles to consider. Some styles include: traditional, classical, commercial, candid documentarian, and cinematic photography. What style you go with should depend on your own personal style and your style as a couple. 
Q: What sort of things are usually included in a photographer’s wedding package?
TS: It really depends on the photographer and how they’re set up. There is typically two different styles of packages that people go for: 
  1. All digital package. This is an all inclusive, which includes a certain amount of hours, a certain amount of photographers, and the photos are provided digitally, via CD, USB, or digital drives and websites. 
  1. Pay-per-print. This is where the photographer takes the photos; usually at a reduced rate of the day. The finished photographs come in printed form, rather than digital, and you pay a la carte for individual photos. 
From there, you can work with your photographer to tailor your package past these two options. Some people do a mix of both digital files and prints, including a photo-book. You should also inquire if engagement photographs can be offered complimentary with your package. 
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