Published on March 25, 2019 by videoposts
You’ve probably heard the expression “old is gold” but does idiom ring true when it comes to hold homes? Today on The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask An Expert, Bryan Baeumler answers a tough question about renovating an old house.
Q: Is it practical to renovate an older home?
A: It’s not always practical to renovate an older home. There’s no one simple answer for that. Every home is different and everyone homeowner is different, in terms of wants, needs, and budgets. As such, this is the kind of question that should be considered on an individual basis. That said, if all things were equal and nobody had a budget or any requirements on their time, we could renovate and repair any old home. But sometimes it’s more situationally efficient and cost-effective to tear old homes down and rebuild them, and other times, factors such as heritage pose reasons to restore them. 
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