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The bathroom has become more than just a place to take a shower in the morning, and nowadays, bathroom decor is just as subject to trends and purposeful styling as any other room in the home. So, today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Mandy chats with Rachid Malki of Domilya Group about beautiful, custom bathroom designs. Watch the video above or keep reading for the highlights.
Patterned Flooring
Tiling has been something of a go-to for flooring for years. Tile is water resistant, durable, and easy-to-clean, making it a popular choice for the bathroom. Opting for patterned flooring is a way to elevate the sometimes simple look of tile. In this bathroom, the black and white pattern on the floor ties in the black and white fixtures and furnishings and lends a bit of fun and personality to the space.
Mosaic Tiling
In addition to being impactful and eye-catching, this geometric mosaic tiling is also custom designed. The metallic finish of the tiles lends a luxe look to the space, in addition to reflecting plenty of light.
Gold Hardware
According to Rachid, gold is back in style. So, in addition to gold mosaic tiling, this bathroom features a black vanity with gold knobs and a golf faucet. Besides gold, this bathroom features a classic black and white color scheme. 
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