Published on August 13, 2019 by videoposts
There’s something classic, yet carefree about bohemian fashion. In this special fashion-themed episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Mandy chats with Winnipeg Fashion Blogger Jennifer Ashley of Pretty Little Details who shares how to create a bohemian-inspired outfit.
When it comes to bohemian fashion, the key is employing plenty of textures. You can do this by layering garments and accessories of varying textures. For instance: a lace shawl over a floral printed dress. 
Statement Pieces
While most outfits are built upon basic pieces, bohemian outfits center around attention-grabbing statement pieces, such as large format jewelry and other fun accessories.
Muted Colors
In terms of color, clothing in muted colors, such as wine red, have more of a bohemian vibe to them.
Loose & Flowy
Perhaps the quintessential hallmark of bohemian fashion is the fit. Think: loose, flowy, free, and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to pair garments of varying lengths in the same outfit. 
Comfort First
Speaking of comfort, bohemian fashion is comfort-centric, and that should be reflected right down to the footwear. Think: flats or a flat leather booty.
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