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On this very special segment of The Marc and Mandy Show: Marc & Mandy’s Bridal Fashion Trends, Lifestyle Correspondent Joanne Blouin talks with Sherry Dryden from Sherry’s Bridal about the latest and up-and-coming bridal fashion trends. Watch the video above to find out more or keep reading for the highlights. 
Trend Watch: Not-So-Little Black Dress
Though black is definitely not a conventional choice for wedding attire, it’s definitely an unconventional and impactful choice for brides hoping to make a statement on their big day. The show-stopping gown in the video above features an illusion bodice and chantilly lace. It comes in other colors as well as black. Colors are becoming increasingly trendy in wedding dress designoftentimes, in the form of a colored dress under a delicate sheath of ivory lace. 
Trend Watch: Soft Sparkle
Who wouldn’t want to glow on their wedding day? The wedding dress in the video above, designed by Moriless, features a shimmer tool, sequins, and soft beading. 
Trend Watch: Ivory Lace Over Color
As aforementioned, ivory lace over color is a growing trend in bridal fashion. The dress in the video above, designed by ALOR, features another trend: an open, low back. 
Trend Watch: 3-D Flowers
The dress in the above video, designed by Essence of Australia, features the hottest trend in bridal fashion coming up next season: 3-D flowers. According to Sherry, this growing trend will likely be hot for not only the upcoming season, but the seasonings to come. 
For all your bridal fashion needs, check out the Sherry’s Bridal website
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