Published on February 2, 2018 by Marc & Mandy
For anyone fortunate enough to have a fireplace to cozy up next to, it’s officially fireplace season! So, kick off your socks, grab a good book, and enjoy one of the few enjoyable things that’s hallmark of the winter season. If you don’t happen to have a good book kicking around, your next resort might be to watch some TV – but is it really advisable to mount a TV nearby a fireplace? In this segment of “Ask The Expert,” Designer Kim Bartley speaks to designing around a fireplace and shares her tips for selecting a fireplace set up that works with a TV as well.
According to Bartley, the question of whether to mount a TV over a fireplace is a common one. Many homeowners are concerned about safety, given the heat generated by a fireplace unit in the front. In traditional fireplaces, the reason for this is that air is venting from the top of the unit; this can in fact pose a fire hazard. In response to this imminent hazard, Valor had come up with a brilliant system, called HeatShift Technology.
So, what is HeatShift Technology? HeatShift is patented technology designed to reduce surface temperatures. According to the Valor website, HeatShift is recommended when adding a wall mounted TV, artwork or heat sensitive materials above your fireplace. In addition to reducing wall temperature above the fireplace, this innovative technology boasts a unique circulation system, which redistributes warm air back into the room at a higher elevation, without fans or electricity.
Says Bartley, (about Valor’s HeatShift Technology): “Overall, a fabulous system.”

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