Published on December 18, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, Mandy shares some of her favorite shopping tips for busy moms just trying to survive the holiday season. If you happen to be a busy mom, watch the video above or keep reading for the video highlights.  


Tip # 1: Make It A One-Stop-Shop 

If you’re a mom, you’ll know that shopping with kids can quickly turn into a nightmare. Rather than strapping them in and out of their carseat to visit multiple stores, why not opt for a store like Giant Tiger, which is a one-stop-shop for all your baking, produce, clothing, and gift-giving needs.   


Tip # 2: Take Advantage of Deals and Promotions 

From November 28th to December 18th, you can get cash back when you’re doing your shopping at a Giant Tiger. To redeem a $10.00 voucher, simply spend $40.00 or more on clothing, housewares, and home essentials.  


Some more time-saving tips for busy moms: 

  • Get started on your gift shopping well in advance and save yourself the stress of the holiday crowds. 
  • Set a budget for your gift buying and keep that budget on your person while shopping. 
  • Shop online.  
  • Teach your kids how to wrap presents to decrease some of your tasks. 
  • If you see a good deal while shopping for this year’s gifts, buy extras and stash them away for future gifting.  

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