Published on May 30, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

No matter how thorough you are when you clean, a spot or two can easily fall to the wayside. Melissa Maker, from the YouTube channel, Clean My Space, talks about where some of these commonly missed areas are, and shares her various, expert-approved techniques on how to clean them.

The Junk Drawer

The infamous junk drawer is one that we’re all guilty of harboring. It tends to be home to all the odds and ends we inevitably accumulate and have no place for, which can result in a disorganized disaster. If you’re inclined to tackle this notoriously messy area of your home, start by emptying out the contents of the drawer and tossing out or recycling anything you don’t need. If you can find an alternate place for the items in the drawer that are useful, try your best to do just that. For the items that remain, consider an alternate organization system, such as cutlery trays, for inside the drawer.

Your Toothbrush, Raiser, and Nail Tools

While you probably don’t need a reminder to clean the big ticket items in your bathroom – the toilet, the sink, the floors, the shower – do you give the same attention to the smaller items? Think: your toothbrush, raiser, and nail tools. To thoroughly clean your toothbrush, simply dunk it in a cup of vinegar, and let it soak for an hour. You can use a similarly simple method to disinfect your raiser and nail tools as well: dispense some rubbing alcohol on a makeup pad or cotton ball, and spot-clean the high traffic areas on your tools for a gentle and effective clean.

Your Loofah

Your beloved shower loofah can easily become the most germ-infested surface in your bathroom, so cleaning it regularly should be a top priority. To disinfect your loofah, fill a bowl with hot water and vinegar, and submerge your loofah completely in the solution. Let it soak for 30 minutes to an hour for best results.

The Front Door Mat

This is an item which experiences high-traffic on a daily basis, and as a result, it can get pretty grimy fast. For the most effective cleaning, take it outside and give it a really good shake, or vacuum it well. If your mat is laundry-safe, you might want to also consider tossing it in the wash every so often for a deeper clean. Don’t forget to clean underneath the mat, where displaced dirt can easily accumulate.



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