Published on July 27, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Marc and Mandy visit with Doug Parsons and Bev Bell of Beauti-tone Paints to learn more about an exciting paint collection featuring colors selected from each of Canada’s National Parks. So, bring a little touch of nature into your home with these gorgeous paint selections!

How many National Park-inspired hues are in this color collection?

There’s 47 colors available in this collection. That’s one hue for every one of Canada’s National Parks, which are throughout the country. Whether your preference is east coast or west, you can bet that Beauti-tone Paints will have a hue to match your mood.

How were the colors chosen?

Each color has a significance relating to the associated national park. Essentially, the colors have been plucked from natural elements situated in each park. For example, Kootenay National Park’s Beauti-tone Paint color (“Pristine Waters”) is inspired by a body of water within the park.

How do you bring these colors indoors?

These colors are designed specifically for the home, whether that’s inside or out. Though the hues are nature-inspired, homeowners should not hesitate using them indoors, as nature-inspired colors have been known to calm and de-stress.

Want some more information? Visit the Beauti-tone Paint website or click here for Canadian Home Trends Magazine‘s coverage on Beauti-tone’s nature-inspired color collection.



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