Published on February 16, 2018 by Marc & Mandy
February in Canada means one thing for many of us: enduring the wintertime. To cope, some take a vacation, build a sunroom, or employ the use of an indoor fireplace. Valor’s stunning LX2 3-Sided Series fireplace gives users a reason to look forward to the wintertime, boasting 180 degree enjoyment, outstanding radiant performance, and a patented HeatShift system. Designer, Kim Bartley, gives us an inside look at the stunning sitting room she designed featuring a stunning LX2 3-Sided Series fireplace from Valor along with a number of very trendy, contemporary details.
Velvet Furniture
Velvet is just one of several textural elements Bartley chose to employ in this sitting room. In addition to being on-trend in the realms of fashion and home decor alike, velvet tends to add a sense of warmth to a space. The sleek, grey velvet chairs and ottoman chosen by the designer also lends an unparalleled sophistication to the rest of the decor.
Patterned Rug
Every room needs a focal point, and the prominent focal point in this space is the beautiful patterned rug. In this case, the pattern of the rugs brings out the similar color in the chairs, which ties the room together effortlessly. 
Gold Accents
Gold is a reoccurring theme in this designer space; it infuses welcomed brightness into a sea of greys and neutrals. Pops of gold can be found on the legs of all the furniture pieces, the lamp, and the statement mirror displayed over the fireplace.

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