Published on October 23, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Halloween is all about the three C’s: candy, costumes, and cocktails! In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, Chef Rob Thomas whips up the quintessential Halloween cocktail.


Recipe: Dark & Stormy Halloween Cocktail

What you’ll need: fresh lime juice, ice, 2 oz dark rum, ginger beer

How to:

  • Start off by squeezing washing a fresh lime, slicing it in half, and squeezing half of it into a glass. Once you’ve squeezed all the juice out, you can put the rind into the glass as well.
  • Next, add two large spoonfuls of ice.
  • Then, add two shots of dark rum; hence the name, Dark & Stormy.
  • Top your creation off with some ginger beer, and enjoy!


Chef Rob Thomas’ super simple cocktail is great to enjoy with your SO or to whip at a party! For more Halloween-themed drink recipes, such as a Zombie Brain Hemorrhage, a Red Vodka Tonic — complete with an eyeball, and The Blood Tube, click here. And for 5 Creative Candy-Inspired Cocktails, click here. Happy Halloween!



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  • Jay M 10 months ago

    Sounds tasty!

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