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Choosing and styling your decor for your shelves can be tricky for some people, but it doesn’t have to be. Today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Amanda Shields of Mint Condition Staging shares some steps on stylizing decor on shelves like a seasoned pro. 
Consider: Your Color Scheme and Finishes
The first thing to consider when shopping for your decor is your color scheme. A safe bet is always to opt for white, which gives you a clean palette to start with. Then, you can add in a few accent colors that will coordinate with the rest of your room. You also want to consider your metal finishes and your wood finishes. 
Consider: Size and Scale
When shopping for accents, scale is an important factor to consider. One thing to try is measuring the height of your shelf before you embark on any shopping and bringing those measurements and measuring tape with you when you shop, just so that you can ensure you are filling the vertical space available. TIP If you’re finding that some of the items you’re gravitating towards are too small, try stacking those items on top of books or decorative boxes. 
Consider: The Triangle Method
Designers have been using this method for years. To execute this method, simply group your like items in a triangular formation. For example, if you have multiple picture frames, you can arrange them on your shelves to create three points of a triangle.
About Mint Condition Staging:
Mint Condition Staging is a an award winning, professional home staging and interior styling company that services clients in Simcoe County, York Region, GTA and surrounding areas. Clients work with Interior Decorator and Certified Staging Professional, Amanda Shields to complete home staging process.
To learn more about Amanda Shields and Mint Condition Staging, check out their website.
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