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Interior design is an art form, and just like any piece of art, focal points are an important tool used in design to direct and draw the eye. In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Kathy Yuen of Phase One Design explains how to create design focal points in your home and why they’re important.
What is a focal point and why is creating design focal points so important?
The goal of a focal point is to draw attention to certain elements of the home. In short: what do you want people to look at? Focal points can also be used to jazz up an otherwise boring space. Whether its a structural highlight or a piece of art, focal points are important because they lend visual hierarchy to your design. 
How to: Create design focal points throughout your home
  • Survey your home to establish the structural highlights or features you would like to draw attention to. It could be anything, from a fireplace to a window to some especially impactful crown molding. 
  • If your room has no distinguishing architectural features, identify the largest furniture pieces.
  • Once you’ve established your focal points, experiment with artwork, floral arrangements, shelving, or paint color. The goal is to create visual weight so that the eye is drawn to that spot upon entrance to the room.
About Phase One Design:
Based out of Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia, Phase One Design helps customers brainstorm ideas, get a budget, and understand the process of designing and executing their dream homes. To learn more or get in touch, visit the Phase One Design website.
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