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On this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, Jobie Mallett from Little Star Renovations shares his design process for projects. Keep reading for Jobie’s expert advice. 

Q: What does a consult with Little Star Renovations involve?
Jobie Mallett: I want to talk to you quickly about design. Design before build. It’s not something I was a believer in about ten to 15 years ago. I was a believer in putting our creative juices together, starting a project as soon as possible, and figuring it out as we went along. The result of all of that was strained relationships with the clients, and really, when I stood back and looked, I’d think to myself that I wished I had done things differently. So now, when I show up to meet a client for the first time, I don’t often bring my tape measure. The reason being: I’m not there to give a fast-and-loose estimate on their project. I’m there primarily to listen to the client’s dreams and budget, and see if the dreams and budget correlate. Then, I can give my opinion on that. But what I’m really wanting to do by the end of that meeting is encourage the client to enter into a design phase. And the design phase has a whole array of deliverables. But basically, it’s created to explore and think-tank all the design options, to then see the cost of those options, and see if those two then come together. 
What kinds of services does Little Star Renovations offer?
Little Star Renovations is a renovations contracting company serving the Greater Vancouver Area. They service residential and commercial clients. 
To learn more about high-quality home and commercial renovation services, get in touch with Little Star Renovations via their website! Click here to see more Marc and Mandy coverage of Little Star Renovations. 
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