Published on May 29, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Are you planning to take a vacation to somewhere warm? Fashion blogger Vanessa Ogibowski shares some of her go-to destination looks.

Vanessa’s Daytime Look:

This look is perfect for a day spent exploring on your own or taking part in an excursion. It is also a great beach look. Vanessa has paired an eyelet off-the-shoulder top with a wide-brimmed floppy sunhat and a pair of neon pink shorts. Color choice here is key, as white reflects sunlight, so you will stay cooler throughout the course of your day. The fit here is also very important, as the lose fit allows for better air circulation and mobility. Pair this look with flat shoes for an easy, breezy, and adorable outfit from top to bottom.

Vanessa’s Lunch Look:

This look perfectly encompasses dressier destination-wear. The dress is eye-catching, flattering, and on-trend, but it’s still lightweight and fun, which makes it the perfect pick to wear around your resort to out to lunch at a restaurant. Pair this look with a nude heel and lightweight, gold accessories to achieve an outfit that’s effortlessly glam.

Vanessa’s Evening Look:

Maxi dresses are the perfect pick for destination evening-wear or even for a beach wedding. Opting for a loose fit and a soft color will ensure your evening look will suit a variety of occasions for years to come. Accessories with bolder accessories to give your look some impact, and don’t be afraid of statement jewellery and high heels to upgrade the look to formal, depending on the occasion


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