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Are you thinking about getting married abroad? Today on The Marc and Mandy Show: Party Planning With The Pros, Event and Wedding Planner Colin Cowie gives advice on how to have a great destination wedding, including some common pros and cons. 
What are some pros of a destination wedding?
Destination weddings typically involve a smaller, more intimate group of people. This means you’ll end up spending a lot of quality time with them; more so, than if you opted for a traditional wedding in your hometown. Many destination weddings include a welcome dinner on one night, the nuptials and reception the next day, and the departure the following. In addition, guests can enjoy wonderful local activities in their spare time at the destination. 
What are some pros of a more traditional wedding in your hometown?
The main pro to holding a traditional wedding ceremony is you have more flexibility in terms of guest list. Since you don’t have to worry about things like flights and accommodations, you can invite a much larger group of people to join you in your festivities. In addition, the wedding is short and sweet.
To find out more about what goes into planning a destination wedding, watch the video above!
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