Published on July 9, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Do you love your dining room? If you answered no, this segment of he Marc and Mandy Show is for you! Today on the show, Celebrity Designer Kim Bartley visits SwitzerCultCreative to share tips for creating a stunning dining room space.  


Create a focal point 

Assigning a focal point in your dining room can be the difference between a cohesive design and a chaotic one. For this space, Kim has selected a shop-stopping mid-century modern dining table comprised of walnut wood, topped with hand-blown glass bowls. TIP To add a bit of sparkle to an otherwise neutral color scheme, consider integrating glass accessories into your decorating scheme.  


Embrace decor diversity 

When it comes to your dining room table, matching chairs are so last year. Selecting chairs that are different, but still complimentary to your table and dining room decor, is a great way to give your space a bit of a fun edge and personality.  


Choose your chandelier wisely 

No dining room is complete without an impactful chandelier. In addition to providing light, chandeliers can serve to bring the decor of your dining room together. For this space, Kim has opted for a hand-blow glass chandelier in a shade called New Blue. Similar shades of blue can found in the hand-blown glass bowl on the dining table.  


For more expert tips, watch the video above, and to check out any of the furniture pieces shown above, visit the SwitzerCultCreative website.  


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