Published on November 6, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Designer Glen Peloso visits the showroom at Union Lighting & Furnishings to discuss some of the best choices for dining room lighting.



  • wendy hutton 2 years ago

    such a variety of things

  • Debbie Bashford 2 years ago

    Love dramatic lighting!

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen 2 years ago

    I loved the style of that dining room, the furniture and lighting were fabulous.

  • Lorraine Robson 2 years ago

    Great tips, I can now see my lighting could be larger

  • jan 2 years ago

    That Lexington table is beautiful. I too love the grey.

  • Cathy Brown 2 years ago

    I love the first oval table, but don’t your feet hit the base when sitting?

  • Dale Steele Nicolov 2 years ago

    Good tips!I can’t wait to get my new chandeliers installed.

  • Janet M 2 years ago

    i like the unique lighting ideas. Thank you.

  • Debbie Browne 2 years ago

    I like to have good lighting while dining, but be able to dim it a little afterwards.

  • Victoria Ess 2 years ago

    Those chairs are gorgeous!

  • Paula D 2 years ago

    A bit too modern or fancy maybe for my simple tastes.

  • shirley oflynn 2 years ago

    So many beautiful decorating choices. I love the Lexington table.

  • laura feist 2 years ago

    Ilike the ideas

  • Amberleah 2 years ago

    Great ideas!

  • Adam Taylor 2 years ago

    I do enjoy the traditional table the most. What a beautiful arrangement.

  • Heather Janssens 2 years ago

    That chandelier (crystal one) is gorgeous!!

  • toni v 2 years ago

    I want to change all my light fixtures!

  • bruce 2 years ago

    That Lexington table is brilliant!

  • Karen Petrychko 2 years ago

    These ideas give me great ideas for my dining room area!

  • Lori O 2 years ago

    great tips thank you

  • angela eagle 2 years ago

    lucite legs remind be of the 80’s and it makes the chairs look like they float

  • Catherine Robichaud 2 years ago

    I love the look of those chairs with that oval glass table. That light that he had over that first table was so amazing.

  • Elizabeth Zambri 2 years ago

    Amazing furniture & lighting!

  • richard turner 2 years ago

    very, very modern.

  • Penny Turko 2 years ago

    Love the idea of the lucite in a small room to give a feeling of space.

  • JIL 2 years ago

    Did you notice the art in the background.? Lexington was awesome!

  • Rosanne Robinson 2 years ago

    Classic elegance, love this lighting & furniture!

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