Published on May 2, 2016 by Marc & Mandy

Marc shares some wonderful life hacks to fix kids’ room disasters with household items. 

For every child who has drawn on the wall at one time or another, Marc suggests to put on some mayonnaise, let it sit for a short time and then to simply wipe off the crayon mess.

 There is even a solution for permanent markers on the wall!  Rather than repainting your whole wall, simply take a napkin and rubbing alcohol and start wiping at that stain.  You shall slowly see that permanent marker drawing disappear and continue until the task is done.

Now for teenagers who love to frequently change up posters, this can play havoc on their painted walls.  One great hack it to make a grid on the wall, the size of the poster with Painter’s Mate painter’s tape.  Next cover this with double sized tape and put up any poster of your choice.  Your teenagers may now replace any poster as often as they want without damaging any walls!


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