Published on May 2, 2016 by Marc & Mandy

We have Laurel from The Pawsh Dog to show us a few tricks to help us train our dog a little better.  Julie, Laurel’s mother is a trainer, and along with Jordan, a beautiful Belgian shepherd dog competitor is showing a signal exercise when verbal communication is difficult.  This is a neat manner to communicate with dogs when in a crowded room or divided by long distances or noisy areas.

Some common behavior issues seen with dogs are chewing. Laurel explains that is fairly common with puppies who have sensitive gums through teething, but it can also be a factor with dogs of all ages.  For some dogs, it can stem from separation anxiety, boredom or lack of exercise.  Laurel shows one product in particular called the Kong, which is fantastic for any dog who wants to chew.  She recommends filling the Kong with an all-natural almond butter, (anything sugarless), maybe some Kibbles or chopped up carrots.  Next mix it all together, stuff it in the toy, freeze it and then it’s ready to entrust with your pet as you depart for work in the dawn.

Laurel demonstrates the art of positive reinforcement for good behavior during training using treats, in this case with a puppy who is refraining from jumping on his trainer.  These are only a few of the wonderful tips being taught in dog training classes!



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