Published on March 24, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

No outfit is complete without the perfect handbag, but what should be in that handbag? To help you hone your handbag essentials, beauty expert, Cas Klassen gives Mandy a rundown of items every woman definitely needs in her purse.

Waterproof Mascara

If you’re going to tote a tube of mascara around with you, it may as well be waterproof, which will stand up to humidity, rain, and the gym. Ensure your tube is fastened tightly, to mitigate the risk of it drying out, and be sure to toss out open tubes after a maximum of three months. 


Dark under eye circles are nobody’s friend, so you want to nip them in the bud whenever (and wherever) possible. Alongside some go-to concealer, keep a mini mirror handy, so you can touch up on the go.


Even if you’ve got no other makeup on, lipstick can make a huge and impactful difference to your look. Make sure you’re carrying around a bright color that would suit most outfits. 

Lip Balm

Lips that look great is definitely a plus, but lips that feel great is a must. You can never go wrong carrying a hydrating lip balm around with you, and opting for one with SPF protection is nothing short of smart and practical.

Body Spray or Perfume

A travel-sized perfume dispenser could be a Godsend if you’re transitioning from day to night without going home to refresh. Even if you’re not, a spritz of your go-to scent, from time to time, never hurts. 

Blotting Papers

Particularly for long days spent out of the house, blotting papers are a must, to get rid of that pesky and inevitable oil buildup. It happens to the best of us!

Hair Essentials

Bobby pins and hair elastics consume very little space and have a myriad of useful applications. Plus, if you don’t end up needing these items, you can bet one of your girlfriends will!


Cas recommends carrying around at least $20.00 in case of emergencies. Make sure you have that $20.00 in cash, in case you find yourself in a situation where you can’t use credit.

What kinds of essentials do you keep in your purse? Let us know, by commenting below!


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