Published on January 23, 2020 by Marc & Mandy
On this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Expert Q & A, Ken McLennen from Kencrete Contracting answers questions about concrete. 
Q: I’m concerned about my new concrete cracking. What can be done about that?
Ken McLennen: There are several steps we can take to control concrete cracking. While nobody can guarantee that their concrete isn’t going to crack, there are things that we can do to help minimize the effects of it. The first thing is to install and compact a solid bed of gravel, so that we end up with a consistent depth of concrete throughout the slab. Control joints in the slab itself give it somewhere to crack that is hidden, and a proper grid of rebar will ensure that, even if the concrete does crack, it won’t separate or heave up and down and become a trip hazard. Using a high-strength concrete will also help ensure there are no issues.
Q: What are the benefits of sealing my concrete?
Ken McLennen: First and foremost, sealer protects your concrete. It’s resistant to oil and gas, so it’ll help prevent staining on your driveway. Sealer also takes the effects of weather and UV rays instead of your concrete. From an aesthetic point, sealer will enhance the look of your decorative concrete. 
About Kencrete Contracting:
Kencrete Contracting has been providing excellent customer service and top quality workmanship in the Greater Vancouver/ Fraser Valley for nearly 15 years. They handle all types of concrete projects, specializing in decorative work. To learn more or to get in touch, visit the Kencrete Contracting website.
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  • Barbara Maher-Erwin 4 months ago

    I have stamped concrete walkways and am overlay on my porch. I loved the look of it at first, but it cracked after the first winter and now looks unsightly. I would not do it again. It isn’t good in this climate.

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