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If real stone is too heavy or costly for your home reno needs, we have a durable, cost-effective, and great looking alternative for you! In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Expert Q&A, Ivan Rapa from Erth Coverings explains what is natural stone veneer.
Q: What is a natural stone veneer? 
Ivan Rapa: A natural stone veneer is a natural stone that has been quarried out of the ground, and then it’s chiseled or cut into a certain size or shape, and then sliced into one-inch thickness or less. They come in different colors, different textures, and they have contemporary, rustic or traditional looksor anything in between. Their lightweight feature makes them applicable for any exterior or interior wall. They can re-clad or re-face a wall very quickly and very efficiently. Natural stone veneers can be used on virtually any wall. It could be an existing brick fireplace or a new fireplace in a home. It could be an interior feature wall that’s clad in drywall, could be a brand new home that’s just being rebuilt, or it could be an existing home that you want to partly reface. Recently, landscape architects and landscape designers and contractors have been using natural stone veneers for things like cabanas, fireplace features, outdoor kitchens, and water features. Their use is unlimited. Maintaining natural stone veneers is very simple. If used on the outside of your home, typically, you’d take a vacuum to them once or twice a year, just to remove any dust build-up. In a similar fashion, if you use natural stone veneers on the exterior of your home, you might take a hose to them once or twice a year, just to remove any dirt that may end up on the stone itself. Otherwise, there’s very little maintenance required. 
About Erth Coverings:
Incepted in 2002, Erth produces and distributes high-quality natural stone veneers under the brand Erth Coverings. To learn more, visit the Erth Coverings website.
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