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Do you have roofing questions on the top of your mind? In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, Brody Cullen from No Payne Roofing answers questions about roof replacements.
Q: How do I tell if my roof needs to be replaced?
Brody Cullen: Visual wear and tear is usually the first indicator that your roof needs to be replaced. There’s a wide range of visual indicators when you’re up on the roof, which could range from poor dilapidated shingles as a result from the prolonged sun exposure, as well as dents and sings all over the sheet metal and valleys, as well as the goosenecks and vents on the roof. You could see dents in the gutters as well. That could indicate that there’s been severe hail damage, which can affect most kinds of shingles. 
Q: Is it possible for me to replace my own roof?
BC: Well, provided you have the resources and the time to do your own roof, you definitely could. All the bundle manufacturers actually have the installation specifications printed on the bundle wrapper itself. So you could, although it is a dangerous job and it is recommended that you hire a professional to do your roof for you.
For the answers to these questions and more, check out the video above or visit the No Payne Roofing website. 
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  • John McL 5 months ago

    It’s the only time I like shingles

  • snowbank 5 months ago

    Agree that this is a dangerous job which fall protection is required and as a homeowner I would not recommend a homeowner doing this but hire a professional.

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