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In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, Steve Laurans from Steve’s U-Cart Concrete answers questions about the company and their services. Keep reading for the Q & A.
Q: What is Steve’s U-Cart Concrete?
Steve Laurans: What is Steve’s U-Cart Concrete is top quality ready-mix concrete in a cart on wheels that customers cart and tow themselves. It is an excellent alternative to hand-mixing ready-mix concrete bags.
Q: How much concrete does a cart hold compared to ready-mix bags?
Steve Laurans: The cart holds up to a yard and a quarter or a cubic meter. And that’s equal to 80 25 kilogram ready-mix bags.
Q: Who’s your average customer and what sorts of projects do they use carts for?
Steve Laurans: My customers are mostly do-it-yourself-ers, homeowners, and small contractors. And they’re doing things like fence post holes, deck piles, sidewalks, curbs, retaining walls, garage aprons–anything you would not want to mix ready-mix bags for.
For the answers to these questions and more, check out the video above or visit the Steve’s U-Cart Concrete website.
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  • JessCanadian 5 months ago

    I was surprised they’re not big companies that would want to use this instead of bags. I guess it would depend on contractor preferences.

  • Monica Sisson 5 months ago

    Interesting information!

  • John McL 5 months ago

    Great idea this cart.

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