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There are many things that go into a wedding receptionfood being an especially important one. Today on The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask A Wedding Expert, Executive Chef David Ferguson and Event Planner Nives Mehmedi from Hilton Metrotown answers questions concerning food for wedding receptions.
Q: What’s a common concern when planning a reception menu?
A: One thing we get a lot of nowadays is special requests for meals, including vegan meals and other dietary restrictions. In addition, we also get a lot of requests for healthier menus. In general, we tend to use things like parsnip and cauliflower purees, quinoa, and a lot of healthy grains for those sort of dishes. 
Q: What are some ideas for a locally sourced menu?
A: This is something that we discuss with the future bride and groom at the beginning stages of planning the wedding. It’s something that our clients really look for and it’s something that we enjoy providing for them. We use a lot of farm-to-table ingredients in our dishes, including locally sourced parsnips, cauliflowers, tomatoes, salmon, crab, muscles, and scallops. 
Q: How do you accommodate couples with mixed cultural backgrounds?
A: As Burnaby is one of the most diverse cities in the world, we are very accustomed to personalizing the wedding banquet. We offer traditional tea ceremonies and traditional dishes that are customized to fit the wedding couple. When sitting down with the bride and groom to discuss the wedding, we take into account the traditional dishes from their culture. We’ll even invite a member of the family into the kitchen to ensure we’re getting the finer details right. 
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