Published on December 18, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

When it comes to fashion, mixing colors and patterns can seem like tricky territory, even for the most fashionable of fashionistas. In that spirit, this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show features Beauty Expert Sarah Brooker. In the video above, Sarah shares tips for mixing colors and patterns like a pro. Keep reading for the highlights. 

Pro Tip # 1: Don’t be afraid to faux pas
Over the years in the world of fashion, dozens of fashion-faux-pas have been born. That said, they don’t have to live on forever! According to Sarah, colors such as pink and red can be pulled off together, so long as you
select the right shades of each. She suggests pairing a red that is on the orange side and a pink that includes notes of purple to create a chic, contemporary, impactful, and unexpected ensemble.

Pro Tip # 2: Don’t be afraid to go bold
When mixing patterns, Sarah recommends going big or going home. A general rule of thumb for mixing loud colors and patterns is to keep everything else (think: pants or tights, shoes, other accessories, and makeup), simple. For example, if an outfit contains two pieces with bold prints, fitted black pants and black booties would make a safe supplement. 


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