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Everybody wants to get the most wear out of their clothing, and today on the show, we’re showing viewers how to do exactly that when faced with a change of seasons. In this special fashion-themed episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Mandy talks with Winnipeg Fashion Blogger Jennifer Ashley of Pretty Little Things about how to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.
Casual Look: Fun & Flirty Summer Dress
Everybody has that fun, flirty, and floral summer dress that only seems appropriate for the weather a few times a year. The way to transition it into cooler weather is pretty simple: throw a knit sweater over top of it. Doing this will not only make the outfit warmer, but will lend some visual intrigue via the texture of the sweater. Pair this outfit with neutral toned accessories or even a statement shoe.
Business Casual Look: Pastel Silk Blouse
Silk is one of the fabrics that’s great for any season: winter, spring, summer, fall. It’s lightweight but also very classic. This blouse is a pastel pink. A lot of people are intimidated by pastels because they don’t know how to wear them in any season other than summer or springtime. But, much like silk, pastel colors can also be worn all year long. To transition a pastel silk blouse into spring, pair it with some jewel tones or a dark neutral pant. 
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